Here’s the most important advice you may ever receive about real estate investment: it’s the future that matters, not the present or the recent past. That may sound simplistic but the reality is that most Australians invest according to the present while being influenced by the past. They don’t see the future because they lack the skills and their mindset is wrong.

When it comes to buying an investment property, the only thing that matters is the future. But that’s not how most investors behave. Most investors get into the market when media tells them there’s a boom under way.…

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Buying a home is both an exhilarating and nerve wracking process. It can be highly time-consuming and it often comes as a relief to finally find the perfect property. But what are the steps associated with purchasing your new home?

While the process may differ slightly depending on your state and sale method of the property, the following guideline can help give you an idea of what to expect.

Determine your buying power
Before you start your research, it can be a good idea to pay a visit to either your bank or a finance specialist who can help you determine…

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Bidding and buying at a slow auction

Fortunately, not every auction that you bid at will be vigorous. Even though the vendor has been told an auction will put pressure on the buyers, the pressure often rests with the vendor. A slow auction is an excruciating and agonising event to witness.

The vendor has gone to auction with visions of 5 bidders trying to knock each other out with a big cheque. The buyer's belief and resolve that the owner wants too much is hardened when they see a lack of buyer competition. A slow auction with only one or…

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Even if you are fiercely determined to avoid being caught up in an auction when buying, you still may find yourself having to bid at one to secure your dream home. At an auction, the property sells to the buyer who submits the final bid above the vendor's reserve price. Most people attend auctions without a bidding strategy.

The good news is you may win an auction without having reached your predetermined maximum price. The bad news is you may be the under-bidder at a few auctions before you win one. But there are bidding strategies that you can adopt…

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