How do you choose a real estate agent

Selling a home is not something you do often so knowing what to look for in an agent is not easy. You want the best agent, but how do you choose? Is it the one who quotes you the highest price, or the lowest commission?

Every agent wants to be the agent to sell your home. If you choose an agent purely on quoted price, you could be making a huge mistake. Many sellers have learned from costly experiences that the price some agents quote and the final selling price can be very different.

If you are not sure about the agent ask them if they are prepared to guarantee their price. If it’s accurate they will.

Remember, the agent is not the buyer of your home. They are the person who finds and negotiates with the buyer. So you are looking for the best negotiator to sell your home.

Selecting an agent is similar to a job interview. The job description should be: you want an agent you like, who presents well, who genuinely likes your home, who you believe will act in your best interest, be honest with you, who will work hard and has proven negotiation skills to get the highest price.

Choosing an agent who quotes you the lowest commission can also be a big mistake. The cheapest agent may turn out to be the most expensive. If they cannot negotiate a fair fee for themselves how are they going to negotiate a good price for your home? You may save a few dollars in the fees they charge, but they may cost you thousands on the price they get you.

A good agent will charge you a fair fee on a successful sale with no hidden costs. You need to be more discerning if you want to sell at the best price in the shortest time.

The right agent will match your job description and care about you. You will feel comfortable with them. Follow your instincts.

Picking the right agent could easily make a difference in the final selling price of your home, so choose wisely.


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Paul Kounnas

Paul Kounnas

For nearly 40 years, Paul Kounnas has been helping people buy and sell property in and around the Manningham area. In 1993 Paul established Hudson Bond Real Estate and he is recognised as one of the most respected, prominent and knowledgeable members of his profession. A licensed Real Estate Agent and member of the REIV and the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Paul provides regular expert advice and information on all matters relating to real estate.

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