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Many people think that there is a correlation between putting a high initial asking price on an advertised property and achieving a high final selling price. There's certainly a link, but it doesn't work the way many people think.

In fact, the opposite is often the case. If a property is really overpriced, purchasers just sit back and wait to see what happens. If they've been looking around long enough to be ready to commit themselves, they've also made themselves very familiar with what they can get for their money.

It is common for inexperienced vendors to overprice their properties…

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Is negative gearing really a good investment strategy?

The question is often asked by property investors, many of whom do not fully understand the meaning and implications of negative gearing. In a nutshell, the answer is that it is really more a tax strategy.

Basically, negative gearing occurs where the costs of renting out an investment property outweigh the rental returns that are received from the rental of that property.

The cost of the loan (i.e. interest on mortgage repayments and stamp duty etc.) is taken into account when calculating whether the investment is running at a loss. Some of…

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The auctioneer waffled for what seemed like half an hour – as auctioneers often do – and he then asked the crowd of people gathered in front of him for an opening bid.

Someone called out, “$650,000.”

Then someone else bid $660,000.

For two more bids, the bidding went up by amounts of ten thousand dollars until it reached $680,000, at which point the auctioneer yelled out, “It’s on the market, it’s going to be sold!”

Clearly, the reserve price was $680,000. The bid slowed to $5,000 amounts and then, when it hit $700,000, it stopped. Silence.


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and how buyers save tens of thousands of dollars!

What you are about to read contains information that should be read by every homeseller contemplating selling by the public auction method. It contains simple and logical mathematical proof that selling by public auction is, by far, the worst way to sell a family home.

Never mind what agents may tell you – that, “auctions are the best way to get the highest price”, this article will show you that not only do auctions not get the highest price, but the very nature of the public auction system – combined with…

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Offering a team approach when selling will give your property an advantage when selling your home. The Hudson Bond Real Estate team takes pride in our agency’s approach and has put together the top benefits of having a sales team instead of a salesperson.

1. The whole team is looking for a buyer

What many people are not aware of is that most big-name franchised agencies don’t operate in a ‘team’ manner. Generally, only one person will have a significantly increased benefit if they sell a property. When you have an agency that works together as a team, the whole…

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Most experienced investors understand that $500 a week for fifty two weeks a year means more money in their pocket than $550 a week with several weeks vacancy during the year. So if maximizing income from rental property investment comes from keeping their properties occupied, why do some landlords charge such high rents that their tenants move on whenever they get the chance and new tenants are slow to move in?

It is a fact of life that some investors fail to see the big picture and only look at the money in their pocket ‘right now’. They are blind…

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December Quarter 2017 New REIV data shows the December quarter median house price in Melbourne increased for the seventh consecutive quarter, up 1.1 percent reaching a median of $821,000.

For the year house prices recorded an overall increase of 13.2 percent, the highest rate of growth since 2010.

Despite the record annual increase in the growth of house prices, the market has cooled down in the last six months of 2017 recording slower rates of growth.

Although all of Manningham’s postcodes recorded strong annual increases, most suburbs recorded negative price growth for the December quarter, reflecting the slowdown…

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Auctioning a property to achieve the best possible price is a long held myth that does not hold up against reality.

Whenever you have the fortunate situation of more than one buyer trying to buy your home, the worst thing the agent could do is disclose the competing offers to each of the interested buyers – which is exactly what happens at a public auction.

In such circumstances, the respective buyers focus becomes outbidding the competing buyers by $1,000, as opposed to offering their highest price for the property. When you are selling your home, you want the eventual buyer…

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In association with The Salvation Army, Hudson Bond is participating in the 2017 Wishing Tree Appeal.

Feel free to come in and place a gift under our office Christmas tree during business hours.

Your contribution will help The Salvation Army deliver gifts to Australian families and individuals who would otherwise go without Christmas this year, and provide hope to those in need.


Please label your gift with the age group and gender of who you think might like to receive your present, and then place it under our Christmas tree.



  • Donations are being accepted until 23rd December
  • Gifts…

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Real estate agents are often asked why certain houses stay on the market for months and years while others, seemingly comparable, are sold within weeks.

Many inexperienced vendors overprice their properties out of a mistaken belief that this is the way to achieve the best price. Far from encouraging purchasers to make offers, overpricing actually discourages them. For a start, an overpriced property actually attracts the wrong market group.

If purchasers are used to seeing other properties that offer more for the money, they will give negative feedback. Not because the property is bad per se, but because of the…

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