The selection of the selling agent is usually decided upon from an interview and/or a sales proposal process. Whether it's an interview or a sales proposal that you are using to determine your agent, neither actually shows the agent in action. Agents are fully rehearsed with scripts and dialogues to ensure a slick presentation when they are being interviewed by sellers.

Given you are employing an agent to market, sell and negotiate the sale of your home, it is worth seeing them in action. To gain a true perspective of the agents you are considering, mystery shop them as a…

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As an owner of a commercial investment property, you should always be thinking of how you can improve your property’s income, occupancy and capital value.

All your decisions should be made with a view of strategically adding value to your investment property over time. You should always be considering how you can enhance or improve your property’s net income because this in turn increases the property’s capital value.

Some common examples:

  • Don’t be in a rush to lease the property to just anyone. Selecting the right tenant with a good business history is more important than the details on the…

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A recent Domain article explains the pitfalls in using vendor advocacy firms to help you select a real estate agent. It is particularly targeted at online matching firms but applies equally to any company that markets itself as serving to identify the best agent to help sellers.

In reality, most of these companies undertake no due diligence on agents they refer the business to; the basis of selection is whoever will pay them a referral fee of between 20-30% of the sale fee.

Real estate sellers are warned to be wary of online companies promising to connect them with the…

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The most basic rule in any type of selling is “Make it easy for buyers to buy”. In many real estate offices, however, most agents make it hard for buyers to buy.

Two quick examples…

First example: Just try and contact a salesperson if you’re interested in buying a specific home. It’s near impossible to get anyone to talk with you. This is because, in most estate agencies, the salesperson who ‘lists’ the home for sale ‘hogs’ the home.

It doesn’t matter how many salespeople may work at an agency, only one salesperson - the one dealing with the sellers…

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