Is negative gearing really a good investment strategy?

The question is often asked by property investors, many of whom do not fully understand the meaning and implications of negative gearing. In a nutshell, the answer is that it is really more a tax strategy.

Basically, negative gearing occurs where the costs of renting out an investment property outweigh the rental returns that are received from the rental of that property.

The cost of the loan (i.e. interest on mortgage repayments and stamp duty etc.) is taken into account when calculating whether the investment is running at a loss. Some of…

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Most experienced investors understand that $500 a week for fifty two weeks a year means more money in their pocket than $550 a week with several weeks vacancy during the year. So if maximizing income from rental property investment comes from keeping their properties occupied, why do some landlords charge such high rents that their tenants move on whenever they get the chance and new tenants are slow to move in?

It is a fact of life that some investors fail to see the big picture and only look at the money in their pocket ‘right now’. They are blind…

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In association with The Salvation Army, Hudson Bond is participating in the 2017 Wishing Tree Appeal.

Feel free to come in and place a gift under our office Christmas tree during business hours.

Your contribution will help The Salvation Army deliver gifts to Australian families and individuals who would otherwise go without Christmas this year, and provide hope to those in need.


Please label your gift with the age group and gender of who you think might like to receive your present, and then place it under our Christmas tree.



  • Donations are being accepted until 23rd December
  • Gifts…

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Sometimes new investors make the decision to manage their own investment property. After all, it seems obvious - why pay an agent to do something as simple as banking a rental cheque? It’s only when they start managing their own property on a day to day basis that they realise the level of expertise required to maximize income and minimize expenses. And when the Investor finally hands their property over to an agent, it’s an enormous relief. Their net income increases, they have a lot more leisure time and they can sleep at night.

Professional managing agents have the experience,…

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