The Federal budget always seems to throw up plenty to discuss. The media understandably pounce on the headline elements of the budget.

Sometimes budget measures which are the least discussed can be the most intriguing.

The Government has upgraded the ability of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to curb excessive and poor lending into the housing sector. APRA now has the authority to limit bank lending on a regional basis and even postcode basis, if need be.

The Australian economy is a tale of depression and boom. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) would probably like to cut interest…

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Increasing land supply won’t fix all the affordability issues in our biggest cities but it may be part of the solution.
The latest data on residential land supply indicates that housing lots are being sold as fast as they’re being produced in Melbourne and Sydney.
The new State of the Land report published by the Urban Land Development Institute found that turnover is so fast that Melbourne and Sydney have barely a month’s worth of stock available at one time.
Significantly perhaps, Melbourne has much cheaper prices than Sydney. The median price for a residential lot in Melbourne last year…

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Constant predictions of an impending housing crash by many experts, has done little to halt the market from reaching new highs.

Melbourne’s median house price has surged past $800,000 for the first time. The median price increase for the first quarter of 2017 was 7.6 per cent, which has taken the median housing price to a record $826,000. This is an increase of $55,000 on the December figures.

Record low interest rates is one of many factors that has contributed to strong buyer demand. When you combine this with low housing stock levels, it was inevitable that prices would…

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The property market is always susceptible to ‘disruptive’ forces of one kind or another.

The last two decades has seen constant digital disruption as websites and databases decimated print. The digital disruption changed the way real estate is purchased and sold forever more.

As baby boomers reach retirement, their changing property needs will disrupt the market. Disrupt should not be construed as negative. Disruption simply means to significantly alter the status quo.

Baby boomers are a demographic born between 1946 and 1964, as defined by the ABS. Given society experienced a baby boom in the past, it is understandable that…

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