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Real Estate News - Autumn 2018

2018 Property, Boom or Gloom

  • 2018 Property market
  • Consumers misled by generalised analysis
  • Valuation or speculation
  • Median House Price update 

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Real Estate News - Summer 2017/2018

Australia Census insightson the future of Property

  • Improve the value of your commercial property
  • The toughest offer to accept
  • Median House Prices September Quarter 2017 

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Real Estate News - Winter 2017

What is making Australian housing so unaffordable?

  • Letter from the Editor
  • What the State Government changes to Residential zones means for your Property
  • Inside Real Estate - Get your free copy
  • The next 8 weeks



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Real Estate News - Spring 2016

It's the season for Buying and Selling

  • Is Spring the best time to sell a home?
  • Where will you be when Santa comes?
  • 7 Rules for inesting in property
  • Market Update - Median House Prices



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Real Estate News - Winter 2016

Who can you trust in Real Estate?

  • Thinking of selling? WHY is important
  • Why settle for less - FREE booklet
  • Why winter can be a hot season to sell
  • Interpreting the auction clearance rate



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Real Estate News - Autumn 2016

Win/Lose Trasaction - Overprice and Udersell

  • How will you be paying today?
  • Whats been the best investment of your life? Your Family Home!




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Real Estate News - Summer 2016

What will the housing market look like in 2016

  • How do you negotiate best price - when there is only one buyer?
  • Media usually gets in wrong on real estate - here's why
  • Congratulations - Winner of Two National Real Estate Awards



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Real Estate News - Autumn 2015

The Current Property Cycle

  • What you should know when buying off the plan
  • 3D virtual walkthrough experience
  • Don't wait until its too late
  • 3 Questions for investors

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    Real Estate News - Summer 2015

    Property in 2015

    • Predicting the Property Market
    • What are you really signing when listing with an auction agent
    • Hudson Bond - Winner of Two National Real Estate Awards!

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      Real Estate News - Spring 2014

      Chinese Raiders - More scare than fact

      • Boom TImes!
      • Why due diligence still matters
      • Access your important property information online

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        Issue 29 - Don't Settle for Second Best!

        Finding the best person to sell your property; be choosey

        • No Upfront Costs
        • How to get it right as a new landlord
        • Book release: Help for Homesellers

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        Issue 28 - A Winning LIne Up

        Higher prices, faster sales - thats the norm for this stand-out Doncaster agency

        • Should you sell before buying?
        • Top results for a top agency
        • How to make the right choices when launching your property portfolio

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        Issue 27 - $65,000 Above Asking Price

        How does Hudson Bond sell above the asking price in 4 days when the average time to sell in Melbourne is 48 days

        • The Final Checklist
        • Renovating Your Rental
        • Free training to the right people

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        Issue 26 – Internet's Impact On Real Estate

        How the Internet has Changed Real Estate

        • Fixed of Variable Home Loan Rate
        • Consider families when you are purchasing an investment property
        • Free training to the right people

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        Real Estate News - March 2013

        Australias Population Growth and Property

        • The Market is what the Market is!
        • The Biggest Liar
        • The 9 Biggest Landlord Disasters

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        Issue 25 – Prosperous Property Looming for 2013

        National Acclaim for our Danny

        • Things to do before selling your home
        • Price, Rates point to investment market
        • Bargains for all renovators

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        Issue 23 – Doncaster Homes Snapped Up

        Wondering Where All The Good Buyers Are?

        • Kitchen Renovations: Adding Value
        • Buyers Line Up
        • Is Your Investment Property Underinsured?

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        Issue 22 – A Short Walk To A New Beginning

        Hudson Bond has a New Look and a New Office

        • Turning an offer into a sale
        • What can you claim on your rental property

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        Issue 20 – Private Auction Sale

        Does It Deliver Sellers The Best Result

        • Finding the right home
        • Time to let go

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        Issue 21 – Perfect Storm, Buyers Flock In

        Market Factors May Never Be Repeated

        • How to reduce stress when moving
        • How to get a good return on your investment property

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