Whether you’re downsizing or moving to a new area, most home owners will find themselves selling at one point in their lives. Selling your home can be a stressful period, particularly if you’re not sure what to expect. This article will guide you on the process to successfully selling your home and starting a new chapter in your life:

Deciding to sell
If you’re unsure on how to navigate the selling process, a trusted real estate salesperson is a must when putting your home on the market. They can help guide you throughout the entire process, as well as offering advice…

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In this article, we provide insights into the contents of the book - Inside Real Estate. The average consumer is known to transact relatively infrequently; and with the real estate industry changing so rapidly it is not surprising that consumer’s previous experiences are usually left redundant. Unintentionally, many people feel as though they are flying blind when buying and selling their primary asset. Inside Real Estate will fix that.

If you are looking to buy and sell in the present market, we urge caution. In the past 5 years as prices have been rising, those looking to buy and sell…

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Why not sell the house you don’t want and buy the house you do want and wait for your new home to go up in value.

The real estate market is not a single entity. It is millions of people making individual decisions based on their personal needs and opinions.

Current real estate trends vary wildly from state to state, city to city and even suburb to suburb, making the real estate market virtually impossible to predict with any accuracy.

When deciding to sell, many use their personal opinion of the real estate market as the basis for that decision.…

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Here’s a bold prediction for you…
The next eight weeks may be the BEST time to sell in 2017

Well, it’s simple – and it’s really a matter of common sense. Interest rates are at an all-time low, demand is well on the rise, but many property owners are waiting to put their properties on the market. That means that there’s a shortage now. Stock levels are down around 30%!

And a shortage means that…
Premium prices are being offered for those properties that are for sale.

Right now, we are selling many properties for prices well above the owners’ expectations.…

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