1. Is it better to buy or sell first?
The current market is not enjoying the robust conditions that it did last year. Sales campaigns can take longer than expected and can also produce a lower price than hoped for. If you buy before selling with the expectation that you will sell for top dollar in a short time frame, your plans may very well come unstuck. It is safer to sell first, get a delayed settlement and use the settlement period to purchase a home, because buying under pressure is better than selling under pressure.

2. What if the…

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The temperature is warming up, Jacaranda trees are beginning to bloom and an influx of ‘for sale’ signs have popped up in your neighbourhood – spring is well and truly here.

It is a commonly held belief that spring is the best time of year to sell, with many sellers often holding out until the end of the year to list their properties. Andrew Trim, Managing Director of The Johnson Real Estate Group, says the reason why the real estate industry heats up during the spring season stems from a multitude of reasons.

“Some people feel the warmer months assist…

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This guide steps you through the 4 stage process for effectively selling your property for the maximum possible sale price.

1. Choose the right agent
Selling your property is an important life event which can be financially and emotionally demanding, and that’s why you need an experienced and trusted professional real estate agent to help you with the process.
Find an agent you trust, who you believe will look after your interests and do a great job.
Interview as many as it takes to find one you trust.
Beware of agents who try to dazzle you with empty promises of an…

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What are standard terms and what is fair?

Home sellers are well advised to scrutinise their agency agreement prior to signing it. The selling fee, advertising costs and expected selling price are all key elements of an agency agreement, however, the devil is often in the detail. One commonly overlooked component of an agency agreement is the ‘Exclusive Agency Period’.

As market conditions normalise, agents that over promise on their service levels and/or the expected selling price will be caught out.

In a market that punishes agents who over price listings, there will be increased instances where home owners want…

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