Now is the best time to consider Tax Depreciation

Claiming depreciation can significantly improve a Rental Provider’s cash flow, giving them thousands of dollars back at tax time.
BMT Tax Depreciation find an average first full year depreciation claim of almost $9,000. Some Rental Providers could be claiming this with a BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule.
If you order and pre-pay for their schedule before June 30, you can claim 100% of the fee straight back this year.
Claiming depreciation will allow Rental Providers to:
  • Reduce taxable income
  • Increase the cash return
  • Put more money back in pockets
About The Author
Sergio Angilletta

Sergio Angilletta

Serge joined Hudson Bond in 2006 and has a great enthusiasm and passion for the real estate industry. Over the years Serge has gained an incredible amount of knowledge and insight, and is well respected for his care and attention to detail he gives to both landlords and tenants.

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