Open like never before

By September 29, 2020 Market Update

Can you guess which global brand released the poem below? You may like to read it first, and then view the video to see if you were right. You might be surprised to find out the poem is an advertisement from a well-known brand.

But before you do that, have you ever wondered what makes certain companies and brands endure the test of time?

Is it the consistency of their product or that of their core values, ethics, client care and beliefs?

Or is it perhaps their ability to remain relevant by evolving with the changing times without compromising their values and beliefs?

Perhaps it’s all of the above.

The poem below, ‘Open Like Never Before’ is performed by George the Poet (George Mpanga).

The brand wants us to believe in a positive future and to embrace a new way of living. A lifestyle that has them in it.

Look at our current situation as an opportunity to start over. The glass isn’t half-empty, it’s half full and we all can make a difference, now that Hudson Bond is open like never before.

Open like never before (Watch the video below)

Good morning…



Who says we have to go back to normal?

Back to anything?

What if the new normal ain’t the normal we knew?

And we can’t just do what we’d formerly do.

What if the biggest change is you and me?

What if we choose to be open?

And say, “I will never call my job unimportant again”.

I’ll never say that “teachers’ holidays are too long

Or that school is dry and I can’t wait to move on.”

My ears are not my earphones.

What if I listen?

What if I’m missing how bright your eyes glisten?

What if I just smile a bit?

Travel less and love every mile of it?

What if I believe in the change my cooking, my music can do?

Hey, what if I don’t dance but just for you, I might give in to the rhythm soon

I might give into the rhythm soon.

What if I refuse to be a stranger in my own living room?

And I’ll learn my lesson from a bad memory

And I’ll keep social distance from bad energy

And I’ll prove that funny beats sexy any day

But I’m still cute, anyway.

What if my dreams never take the back seat again?

What if I’m there whenever you need a friend?

What if I celebrate my skin, my body, my hair every day (even Mondays)!

And I stand by every word I say I’ll make my vote count, make my voice heard today.

You know what?

I will never, never say this city has too many tourists again.

I’ll lead, like a woman.

I have a family of dozens

I’ll give my little nephews and nieces some cousins.

I’ll stay right beside you

I’ll say, “Yes, yes, yes I do.”

See I’ll never forget how much stronger we are together

I’ll carry that in my heart forever

We’ll weather the storm

So I’ll be open…

Like never before.

Photo by Hendo Wang on Unsplash
Video by Coca-Cola
Poem by George the Poet

About The Author
Paul Kounnas

Paul Kounnas

For nearly 40 years, Paul Kounnas has been helping people buy and sell property in and around the Manningham area. In 1993 Paul established Hudson Bond Real Estate and he is recognised as one of the most respected, prominent and knowledgeable members of his profession. A licensed Real Estate Agent and member of the REIV and the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Paul provides regular expert advice and information on all matters relating to real estate.

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