Pantheon, Parthenon — Arthur-non?

By July 5, 2021 Market Update

Pantheon, Parthenon — Arthur-non?

This suburban mansion at 17 Arthur St, Doncaster, takes its cues from ancient European architecture to make a powerful neighbourhood statement.

Developer Hassan Shaker built the architect-designed colossal columned pad for his sister Bahareh, but it’s now up for grabs to the masses — if they’ve got $3.288m to spare.

There are five bedrooms, five bathrooms and sprawling open living spaces with luxurious finishes throughout — capped off by city skyline views from its Acropolis-esque perch on one of the city’s highest points.

Hudson Bond agent John Kendirian has the listing via private sale.

“The Parthenon has eight columns, but we couldn’t accommodate eight columns so we put just six columns at the front,” Mr Shaker said.

“It’s on a T-intersection, and we’ve got spotlights under the columns, so if you’re coming up the other street you can see the building and you will think you are coming to parliament or something for the government.

“My sister likes something to be very show off — she can say ‘this is my house’ and it’s a proud thing for her. The facade I built for my house was very humble but this one, no. It shows power and actually says ‘look at me, look at me’.”

The grand design was born out of covenants on the area that dictate a facade must be brick and the roof gabled, Mr Shaker said, and threw up a few challenges along the way.

“No machines could get in the property when it was being built because all the time the columns were in the way, so the cost was a little bit more expensive because of that,” he said.

Inside, however, the ancient look gives way to stylish contemporary living.


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