Preparing Your Home For Photography

How to get your home looking its best

Never judge a book by its cover but unfortunately when it comes to property; first impressions count. Good photos can be the difference as to whether potential buyers are attracted to your home online and their decision of whether it’s worth an inspection – or whether they just click onto the next listed property in their search.
We want to help you get the best out of your property, so we’ve compiled a short list on some of the steps you can take in order to getting your property looking it’s best.


  • Remove clutter from benchtops and shelves. Keep kitchen appliances to a minimum.
  • Remove all magnets from fridge door.
  • Remove dishcloths, washing detergent and dishes. Remove bins and floor mats.
  • Fresh flowers and fruit are always welcome.


  • Remove all personal items including toothbrushes, hair products.
  • Remove bins and bath mats.
  • Hang fresh towels neatly on rack.


  • Ensure bedside tables are clutter-free and lamps work.
  • Remove any unwanted items beside the bed and anything you can see under the bed.
  • Remove all personal items including toothbrushes, hair products.


  • Remove remote controls and newspapers.
  • Remove all clutter from coffee tables.
  • Ensure curtains and blinds are open.
  • Arrange books, DVDs and CDs in an orderly fashion.


  • Remove vehicles from driveways and carports.
  • Mow lawns, trim hedges.
  • Sweep courtyards and entertaining areas.
  • Remove hoses, brooms and mops.
  • Remove bikes and toys.
  • Remove BBQ cover.
  • Remove cover, hoses and excess leaves from the pool.
  • Put wheelie bins out of sight.