Basil and Miriam Port

By February 15, 2007 Barbara Love, Customer Reviews, Doncaster

Dear Paul & Barbara,

We wish to thank both of you for the recent successful sale of our house. We were thinking about what it is that really made Hudson Bond achieve a result for us where others may clearly fail. The reasons are quite simple.

  1. Hudson Bond gave a clear written and guaranteed valuation on the property where all of the other agent’s response to this aspect of the sale was vague. This is perhaps the first important step when selling.
  2. Paul did not ask for anything from us when listing the property. This signified servicing our needs was your priority. This avoided advertising budgets that merely promote the agents name and not your property.
  3. The agency is always open for enquiries. In fact during the Christmas – New Year period when all the other agents were closed Barbara was sitting in the office ready to field enquiries.
  4. The use of the internet without addresses is a key tool. This means that all interested parties must phone to enquire about the property and can be followed up rather than just “drive by” never to be seen again. This also improves security of your home.
  5. The fact that Hudson Bond only brought buyers to the house for inspections rather than having useless “open for inspections”.
  6. Hudson Bond focused on buyers and did not waste time with expensive and ultimately useless “marketing campaigns”.

For us it was reassuring to know that when a buyer was brought to our home the agent would deal with the one buyer at a time and if they were interested follow through until a conclusion is reached. The agents that use open for inspections as a means to sell houses are in a hurry to either answer their mobile phones or rush to the next open for inspection.

Barbara, your enthusiasm and understanding of the quality and value of our home was of course the ultimate reason for the successful sale. Your sincere approach when dealing with us demonstrated that buyers would feel happy, secure and confident to deal with you.

Following our experience with Hudson Bond we would have no hesitation in using your services again if we had to sell another house the area. In fact we do not know why anyone would bother to waste their time and money with other agents.

Kind Regards,

Basil & Miriam Port




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