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9 riviera

9 rivieraThe house two doors up from mine got sold by Hudson Bond and I was impressed with the price obtained and the quick time it took.

My most memorable experience with Hudson bond was that it took only 4 days to sell my house. I’ve sold two properties in my life averaging 75 days to sell.

To Future sellers of property,

I used Hudson Bond Real Estate to sell my house in Doncaster and I was extremely happy with the result of the sale, and that it took them only four days to sell my house and I didn’t have to go through what I went through with my last two homes I sold at auction. The price range they give you for your house is extremely fair and the fact that if they don’t reach that range they won’t get paid shows you how determined they are to work hard to achieve the best results for the vendor.

I was also extremely happy that only potential buyers entered my house and not every Tom, Dick and Harry who are not interested in buying your house but only interested in looking and touching your things because they have nothing better to do.

The Hudson Bond Team listen and do not tell you things that are not true.

Excellent experience, excellent service.

Many, Many Thanks





Candie Bowman

Candie Bowman

Candie Bowman joined the company at the beginning of 2011. Candie is hard working and loves talking to people and helping them sell their home.

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