By March 14, 2009 Customer Reviews

Hello to all at my favourite Real Estate, Hudson Bond.

I am writing to let you know how much happiness it brought to my life having dealt with Hudson Bond to buy my first house.

Being only in my early 20s and in my first “real” job after completing my studies you can imagine that I felt very vulnerable when approaching the new stage in my life of getting my home. Then I met Steve. Steve is such a wonderful person who made me feel comfortable straight away. He talked to me about experiences of his young clients who felt exactly the same way as I do giving me specific examples of how they were coping when getting a new home.

His people skills made him realise that I need a lot of guidance throughout the process and he was very patient in explaining everything that I needed to know. He made everything so easy for me. Further more he did not waste any minute showing me what I needed to see.

I came to Hudson Bond with only a vague picture and price of what I was looking for. I did not even have a real price range as I had nearly given up hoping to find anything that really suited. But Steve gave me confidence straight away. He said that we will find what I need in no time and he also helped me work out more precise price range and things to look for when buying property. Buying a house involves a lot of guts, but having dealt with Steve made me so much stronger and daring and made me realise that once you get on board the journey, the destination is incredibly rewarding.

Thank you Steve Lazaridis, the rewards you gave me will be value to me for a lifetime and your value for all the house buyers out there is priceless.

Best Wishes,




Hudson Bond Real Estate are based in Doncaster and service the Manningham area, specialising in Residential Sales, Property Management, and Commercial Sales & Leasing.

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