Eric Oliver

By June 30, 2008 Barbara Love, Customer Reviews

Dear Barbara,

I am 86 years old and I have been widowed for almost two years and am still grieving from my loss but I know I need to get on with my life. I have no family to talk to – I decided to do something about my feelings of hopelessness – I very fortunately have now met a dear and loving friend named Marie who has changed my life.

We made a decision to start anew and sell my present home and this is how I came about to meet an extraordinary lady called Barbara Love representing Hudson Bond Real Estate who has worked tirelessly in helping me firstly sell my house and then finding me another one. Barbara and I know from the start that my need was to have someone to look after me and guide me in the right direction.

Barbara was very patient and a good listener – on our very first meeting at my house we spent hours over several cups of tea discussing how I should go about this very difficult situation both financially and personally.

It was very evident to me this lady was trustworthy and I felt Barbara was the right person to help me and guide me in the right path and decision to sell or not. I felt very comfortable with Barbara’s advice and decided to put my “life” in her hands – Barbara left after this long session and I decided to sell my house through Hudson Bond Real Estate.

The decision led to a long list of ideas and a thorough backing by members of Hudson Bond staff. Barbara advised me not to accept any offers from others without consulting her as she would decide what would be in the best interest for me. After several weeks and lots of cups of tea Barbara called in one evening and with great excitement informed me she had a good offer for us to sell – buy another house and come out of it with some extra money to help Marie & I start a new life.

The sale went through and Barbara proved to be a friend by helping us with deciding on the right house and price. This was not enough for her as she also helped us find a gardener and a cleaner to present the house in good condition. Barbara even helped by working in with our solicitor – she has proven not only to be the perfect sales person for Hudson Bond but she has proven herself to be a True Friend and you are lucky to have such a committed lady representing you.

Barbara does not take all the credit for this sale but has said your company will only have staffs that abide by your high standards of dedication to your customers. We thank you for having such a staff member – like Barbara – and can’t thank her enough for her total commitment.

Eric Oliver



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