Nina Pereira

By April 2, 2009 Customer Reviews

Dear Mr Kounnas,

I am writing to commend and thank Steve Lazaridis for all his assistance with the purchase of my new home. Being a first home buyer, the prospect of finding and successfully purchasing a property was new and daunting. Hudson Bond eased a lot of this stress.

I encountered quite a few ‘snakes’ masquerading as vendors’ agents, who strung me along when I was interested in the property they represented, and I was starting to feel that I would never be able to ‘win’ against them and successfully buy a property, because I couldn’t match their tactics.

Steve was a breath of fresh air – he was motivated, professional, up front and decent to deal with – a rarity in any field, and especially in real estate! He expertly combined his duty to sell property with a desire to match my needs, and kept me in mind over time. The properties he showed me exceeded my expectations of what I thought I’d be able to get as a first home buyer. In fact, I thought that the last property he showed me was way out of my league, but thanks to Steve and the Hudson Bond team, I was able to purchase that dream!

Steve’s caring and professional attitude, and prompt follow-up of any queries or concerns that I had, is something I will always remember. He respected my budget and did not involve me in de facto auctions with other private purchasers, as other agents did, and this was a welcome change.

I’d also like to note that whenever I spoke to other Hudson Bond staff, they were pleasant and keen to help me.

So thank you Steve – you came along at a difficult time in my life and for that I count my blessings. You made me a first home owner!

Yours sincerely,

Nina Pereira



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