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By February 25, 2020 Customer Reviews, Gavin Li

Salutations to members of Hudson Bond Real Estate Doncaster.
I address this letter to express my deepest admiration to a Company that has inspired me to speak out favourably, on its’ behalf, for the services rendered beyond all expectation.

I engaged Hudson Bond – Doncaster – mid January 2020 to have my home placed onto the market. Knowing little of the Real Estate industry and having done NO formal research into other companies, I took a bold chance.

The Company assigned one of it’s finest members, Gavin, to address my concerns, to steer and guide me through the maze of selling; at a price most favourable to me.

To my sheer surprise, Hudson Bond Real Estate through collaboration with Gavin, had successfully found a buyer which matched my asking price prior to the months end.

A personal visit to the Company revealed its’ professional standings and staff – like Gavin, committed to addressing the concerns of Home sellers and buyers.

With a favourable outcome, and a compassionate guiding hand throughout the ordeal, I commend the Real Estate – Hudson Bond – to persons seeking professional guidance and credibility when dealing with their most precious asset.

To Hudson Bond and Gavin. Thank you for a memorable experience.
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Gavin Li

Gavin Li

Gavin has lived in Manningham for over 29 years and his two children attend Doncaster Gardens Primary School. He is multilingual and speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese fluently, having grown up in China.

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