Sandra Howard

By April 20, 2007 Customer Reviews, Templestowe

Dear Steve,

I would like to thank you for all your time and effort that you extended to me in the sale of my home. It was gratifying to find someone who was not only interested in selling a home but also the needs of the clients during that specific time. For my family it was a trying time not only because of trying to keep a house spotless during this time, nothing out of place, but also due to shift work and other various problems that arise in families. You went out of your way to try to work around us, so things were easier and I appreciate this greatly. I found you to be outstandingly professional in carrying out your job and your down to earth attitude was a breath of fresh air.

Prior to your company taking on the sale of my home I had it listed with another real estate agent. Their attitude was some what les desirable. They would not turn up to house openings that they had arranged and did not ring me to let me know they were not coming until after the event. At one house opening they turned up over an hour and a half late and I had to show people around the house myself. Another time their agent feel asleep on my couch during an opening. Incredible isn’t it.

On the sale of my former home, another agent rather high profile agency that supports a bear totally ignored the fact that I was the owner of the house they were selling. They advertised it for over $200,000 less than I wanted for it in the newspaper. They brought hundreds of people through my home, which I might add, had been newly painted throughout, as well as all the carpet removed and a glass mirror finished Tasmania Oak floor which had been not long finished, only for me to find finger prints all over the walls newly painted doors scratched and marks in parts of the floor from shoes. When I questioned them as to these people having the money I wanted for the house as I would prefer a hand full of genuine buyers to hundreds of nosey busy bodies, they said trust us we know what we are doing, look at all the interest. Yes well the only interest I saw was an auction with lots of buyers all in the wrong price range. Then they had the nerve to try and pressure me into selling. The only thing they were interested in were their stats.

So you can see I haven’t a really good impression of Real Estate Agents, and it was so relieving to find one(yourself) who not only actually cared for a change but was realistic, down to earth and honest.

I have no reservations in recommending you to anyone who wishes to sell their home; they could not be in better hands.

Yours Sincerely,

Sandra Howard




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