My wife and I have been real estate investors for over 35 years and we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mathew Dompietro (Matt) and Luke Kounnas of Hudson Bond to others. In fact we have already done so with our friends and family. Apart from Matt and Luke being very professional, the firm is unique in the ways in which it approaches the market, both for selling and leasing properties. They take different approaches to most other firms. And most importantly the staff communicate early and respond quickly to all matters that arise. Another major difference with Hudson Bond, is that the managers and staff want to be the best in their industry and this comes across in a lot of areas. Luke Kounnas sold us some commercial properties (off plan) and my wife and I were very impressed with Luke and his professionalism and persistence in achieving a win win outcome for us and the vendor. As the properties were being built we then had to decide on whom we would put our trust in to lease them out. We had no hesitation in using Hudson Bond because of Luke’s great efforts. Luke then introduced us to Mathew Dompietro (Matt). During the longer than anticipated construction period, Matt started to realise that we would have substantial competition from many other new commercial properties coming onto the market. Matt did his homework “early” and communicated the potential problems to us “early”. There were no surprises and as a result we had many discussions, reviewing all our go to market alternatives with both Matt and Luke. More importantly we set an early strategy for leasing out these properties. Once the commercial properties were built and having had our advertising strategy and other marketing in place “very early” we were able to move quickly on the few opportunities which we had and today we can report that the properties are fully leased out at very sound terms. During the process Matt and I worked very closely together and therefore learnt a lot together. Matt and Luke have great communication skills and most importantly they are persistent, patient and they truly care.

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