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We understand the importance of the decision to sell your property and the task of choosing an agent to represent you. Choosing the right agent can make a big difference to the sales price and your experience, even when the market is strong.

Over many years we have refined and modernised our way of selling, with our customers at the forefront. Our unique and innovative Smartre Sale will ensure you achieve the highest price in any market with a rewarding experience.

What makes us different? The Smartre Sale

Hudson Bond Real Estate is proud to offer the easiest and most successful property sales process achieving amazing results with the least amount of stress.

The Smartre Sale ensures honesty, transparency and integrity when selling or buying real estate. And it just so happens to guarantee the highest price for your property and a smooth sales experience. Every time.

The Only Unified Sales Team

At Hudson Bond, we are the only local agency to work as a unified sales team to sell your property. Instead of just one agent, our whole sales team works collaboratively on your sale using their combined skills, experience, database of buyers and knowledge to maximise your sales price.

No Advertising Costs

We don’t believe you should be out of pocket if your property doesn’t sell. This is why we pay for all your marketing and advertising costs. That’s right, you pay nothing at all.

The Highest Price

Our proven track record of achieving amazing results is founded on over 39 years’ experience in the Manningham real estate market. We have founded a reputation for exceptional service, honesty and integrity. And we back it up with our Customer Guarantee in writing.

Our Qualified Buyer Database

The Hudson Bond qualified buyer database is a major point of difference that sets us apart. We know our buyers and what they are looking for. We take the time to understand them: who they are, where they are from, their property history, their financial capacity, if finance is required or pre-approved, what properties they may have been unsuccessful at buying, etc.

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The Smartre Sale ticks all the boxes!

Smart Sale
Private Treaty
Public Auction
Sales Price Listed
End Date
No advertising costs
Access to all buyers (conditional and unconditional)
Offers from buyer's requiring special conditions
The entire sales team work on selling your property
Flexible inspections with genuine buyers
Truly competitive bidding vs comparative process
Vendor accepts, rejects or negotiates any offers
Privacy and security
No sale, No charge
Highest price achieved
Smart Sell Guarantee

Personable – One on One – Zero Costs – Safe

  • ZERO Adertising Costs! The Smartre Sale process does not require you to pay or commit to paying for the marketing campaign whatsoever. We bear all the advertising costs.
  • The Only Unified Sales Team. The entire sales team works collaboratively on your sale using their combined skills, experience, database of buyers, and knowledge to maximise your sales price. Not just the listing agent and their assistants.
  • The Highest Price. The Smartre Sale is a negotiation process which removes comparative bidding, allowing highest value to be reached. It ensures buyers are genuinely competing for your property, rather than comparing offers.
  • Safety & Control. You are in control of the sale process from start to finish. Your privacy and security are guaranteed; no stress, no risk.
  • As a Vendor you can accept, reject or Negotiate any offers.
  • The end result? An efficient and effective smooth sales process that achieves the highest possible price for your property with a rewarding experience. Every time.

Why we love what we do

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