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Concrete floors, illuminated mirrors, sleek monochrome reformer beds. Stepping inside SIXTWO Pilates studio in Doncaster East’s Jackson Court is as much an aesthetically pleasing experience as it is about the health and fitness benefits it seeks to promote.

And it’s not hard to understand why. SIXTWO Pilates owner, 31-year-old Steph Paladin knows a thing or two about visual appeal. Miss Paladin studied fashion and worked in the industry for 10 years before she took a leap of faith, and jumped into the world of health and fitness, opening a boutique 10 reformer bed Pilates studio in Melbourne’s east in May 2019.

“In 2016 I decided to leave my job in product development and venture into the fitness industry following my recent certification IV in Pilates and Personal Training. I knew I was taking a big risk; I was leaving the security, reliability and comfort of my current role to explore a career as a Pilates trainer.” Miss Paladin says.

Though Miss Paladin was no stranger to the exercise mode, she recounts the decision to leave her salaried job with nervousness.

“Once I left my role in the fashion industry it was as though one door closed and many new ones opened. I was presented with so many opportunities in the Pilates industry. I worked for various studios gaining experience in different roles such as instructor, customer service assistant, studio manager/ head trainer as well as assisting in a few new studio start ups.”

Looking back now, Miss Paladin’s doubts, though well founded at the time, were all but a blip in the road, with her underlying passion for health and fitness, and in particular the Pilates and Yoga movements, inspiring her career change.

“From a young age I always knew I wanted to own my own business. The experience I gained over the years prior to opening my studio gave me the skills and confidence I needed to eventually venture out on my own. It was a bumpy road, lots of set backs, let downs and rejected applications, but eventually I got there. My passion, patience and perseverance got me there in the end.”

Miss Paladin likes to see her herself as an advocate for balanced health now, something which she strives to achieve through the comprehensive Pilates classes offered at her studio.

“I’m big on being accessible and relatable to everybody. We welcome all bodies, all fitness levels, all ages. I have a huge range of ages amongst my clients. Some are in their early 20’s, some are in their late 60’s and of course everyone else in between. We offer options and levels for everyone, it is important for my clients to feel welcome and safe whilst achieving the workout they came for. We are more than just a studio, we are a family.” Miss Paladin says proudly.

This all-inclusive drawcard, where people of all fitness capabilities are welcomed, is arguably the cornerstone of the Pilates movement, and perhaps the reason why Joseph Pilates’ training method continues to gain cult status around the world, with women and men alike.

As Miss Paladin puts it, “we’re the soul for people who are looking for movement that makes them feel good. Our trainers give you the attention and guidance you need to feel comfortable yet challenged throughout a class.”

SIXTWO Pilates delivers unique reformer Pilates classes which run for 50 minutes, with four different class styles to choose from. The studio welcomes all new clients with an introductory offer of $60 for 6 classes (valid for use within 2 weeks) as well as membership options from $39 per week.


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Luke Kounnas

Luke Kounnas

Luke Kounnas is a Director of Hudson Bond Real Estate having established Hudson Bond’s Commercial Sales and Leasing Division in 2011. Having completed a Bachelor of Property and Construction at the University of Melbourne, this led him to becoming a highly regarded Valuer having over 6 years’ experience as a Certified Valuer in both commercial and residential developments. Luke was recognised for his outstanding sales success and holds a prestigious Gold and Platinum Badge, joining only 21 individual Sales Consultants amongst 160 affiliated offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Join 23,000 locals.

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