Waiting for the Market to Improve

Why not sell the house you don’t want and buy the house you do want and wait for your new home to go up in value.

The real estate market is not a single entity. It is millions of people making individual decisions based on their personal needs and opinions.

Current real estate trends vary wildly from state to state, city to city and even suburb to suburb, making the real estate market virtually impossible to predict with any accuracy.

When deciding to sell, many use their personal opinion of the real estate market as the basis for that decision. The chance to make a few thousand dollars more will often keep people in a property they should sell. They wait in the hope their property will rise to a value that the financial gain makes the move worthwhile.

The mechanism to pick the top of a market is elusive. How is it known the market has peaked? Because, quite simply, it starts to fall. By definition, the top of the market has been missed. A rising market can quickly become a falling market.

The danger comes in trying to predict the market.

Neither a rising nor a falling market is a bad thing; it is just the market. Based on individual needs, the right time to sell may be in either.

The key question that needs to be asked before any sale is, ‘How will my life improve as a result of this sale?’ if there is no definite answer, the move should be reconsidered.

Price shouldn’t be a seller’s primary consideration if selling and buying in the same market.

Changeover cost is the key consideration. If the selling price does rise, most likely the purchase price will also rise. Why not sell the house you don’t want and buy the house you do want and wait for it to go up in value.

Living in the desired house rather than remaining stationary is an excellent reason for selling now rather than waiting and thinking about how life might improve.


About The Author
Andrew Trim

Andrew Trim

Andrew Trim began his real estate career in 1992 after competing at the Barcelona Olympics in the sport of kayaking. Although his Olympic career continued through the Atlanta and Sydney games, where he medalled in both, he continued to take an interest and be involved in property. Andrew purchased his first real estate business, Johnson Real Estate, soon after the Sydney games. It was a small team of five people, including one who remains as one of his business partners today. In 2007, Andrew led his business to win ‘Office of the Year’ at the Australasian Real Estate Awards. Since then, Andrew’s company, now called The Johnson Real Estate Group, has thrived and grown to incorporate multiple sales offices and an exceptional property management business that operates across south-east Queensland.

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